Title Registers and Title Plans are the two main title documents of a property or land, and are often referred to as the Title Deeds, House Deeds or Property Deeds. The Title Plan shows the position of boundaries as well as other useful information.

Information disclosed by the Title Plan includes:

  • Information relating to the position of boundaries.
  • Shows the extent of land included in the Title.
  • Areas of land which previously formed part of the Title but have since been removed are coloured green.
  • Location in relation to surrounding properties and buildings.
  • Repair and maintenance obligations for boundary structures, such as fences and walls, are often detailed in the Register and indicated on the Title Plan by coloured markings and T markings.
  • Registered easements (e.g. rights of access, parking rights, drainage rights) are indicated by coloured markings.
  • Land affected by covenants and other restrictions are indicated by coloured markings on the Title Plan.
  • Orientation indicated by way of a North point.
  • Title Number and Ordnance Survey map reference.
  • The Title Plan is normally drawn to scale 1:1250.
  • Markings and colours used in the Title Plan are explained in the Title Register.
  • N.B. As the Register and Title Plan are unique to each property, the information contained in them will vary.
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